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Kanan Abramson
Over 35 years as a free-lance and independent business owner


Kanan Abramson
26-08 High Street, Apt. C
Fair Lawn , NJ 07410
Phone: (718)454-6454
Fax: (201)796-1333

Name: Kanan Abramson

Residence: 26-08 High Street, Apt. C, Fair Lawn , NJ 07410.

Phone: 718-454-6454.

Fax: 201-796-1333.

E-Mail: kansys@verizon.net

Over 35 years as a free-lance and independent business owner and personally active in the graphic design, printing and pre-press, advertising, PR and marketing fields. Only for the last year and a half, due to decline in work by the recession, served as a shift manager of 30 operators and dispatchers at Carmel, the largest limousine and car service in NYC.

Expertise & Knowledge:
Strong digital design, pre-press for printing, media and publishing skills; deadline matching precision; devotion to the workplace and to accomplished a-to-z production phases and procedures; high quality-control skills; positive team working attitude; strong verbal and writing skills; good photography skills; and more.

Clientele & References:

1995 to present - V.I.M. Jeans & Sneaker store chain, Metro Area New York, NY. Contact: Mr. Joseph, owner, at 917-974-2036;

1996 to present - Hong Kong Grand Custom Clothes, Hong Kong / Las Vegas, NV. Contact: Mr. Sani, at 702-491-9122 or 702-303-9676;

1996 to present - The Wall Street Journal, New York, NY. Contact: Ms. Ortiz, advertising sales, at 212-597-5957;

1997 to present - The Daily News, New York, NY. Contact: Mr. Colligan, advertising sales, at 201-538-1149 or 212-210-2004;

1993 to present - The Jewish Post newspaper and Advertising & Media Promotions ad agency, New York, NY. Contact: Mr. Levy, owner, at 516-225-4400;

1992-2008 - Broadway's J-2 and Mr. Broadway restaurants, New York, NY. Contact: Mr. Fishbaum, founder and former owner, at 347-604-1949;

1996 to present - Advertising & Diversity ad agency, Queens, NY. Contact: Mr. Vaughns, owner, at 917-553-8287;

1997 to present - Roma Furniture store chain, Tri-State Area. Contact: Mr. Levy, ad agent, at 516-225-4400;

2005 to present - Moore Marketing, PR, Winston-Salem, NC. Contact: Ms. Moore, owner, at 336-575-6544;

1999 to present - JCC on the Palisades community center, Tenafly, NJ. Contact: Mr. Barzelay, executive officer, at 201-519-4749;

2008-2010 - Carmel Limousine & Car Service, New York, NY. Contact: Mr. Yossifon, operation manager, at 516-776-7687;

2008 to present - Bartash Printing, Philadelphia, PA. Contact: Mr. Karff, executive officer, at 215-724-1700, ext #113; ..and many more.

Will provide proven experience and customers upon request.



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