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       Over the years we have gathered things that we feel have character and which we enjoy having around. Do we need to sell them? No. But, for the right amount of money, we might sell them. We hope you get some idea of the pleasure we get from keeping these items nearby. The prices we put on them are not a product of what such items might be worth or what they might cost in the marketplace, but rather, the figure we feel that might make us willing to part with them.


Photograph with Hand Painted Enhancements Lensatic Compass Box
Weight Scale Coin Bank
Durable Toy & Novelty Corporation c. 1946
Fire Extinguisher Fire Fighting Hose Nozzle Football Sculpture

Match Book Covers Wool Carpet Taska Leather Box
Catcher's Mask Catcher's Mitt Gasoline Pump Nozzle
Sewing Buttons Sarouk Carpet Al Jolson "The Singing Fool" Advertising Poster
Blackthorn Shillelagh Vintage Pens .
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