Al Jolson "The Singing Fool" Poster
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       Al Jolson "The Singing Fool" Poster circa 1929


  Al Jolson "The Singing Fool" Poster  
Catagory: Movie Advertising Poster
Created: circa 1929
Made by: Unknown
Marked: Park Barre; Mon. Tues.. Wed. Jan 28, 29, 30; Al Jolson, See and Hear; "The Singing Fool" The Sensational Talking Singing Picture

Size: 18" x 22-3/8"

Material: Card stock paper.

Description: Two-color print; Blue and Orange on White stock; (May have been Red faded to orange).

Condition: wounded but still viable; 1"x1" triangular piece missing on upper left hand border; 6-1/2" long arcing water stain on upper right hand corner some how only effecting the blue ink and not the card stock; through-and-through puncture and tare with all material intact for the attention of a resoration professional; appriximately 32 through-and-through punctures from stapes, nails, tacks or the like on the edge or border, some in the lower right corner attacking the ink, one in the ink of the upper right hand corner.

Price: $2,000.00

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