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Honest Broker

Geoffrey Drew Marketing, Inc. serves as an "honest broker" between companies seeking advice, assistance and guidance in the areas of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations and professionals in those fields. 

Straight Answers

Geoffrey Drew Marketing, Inc. offers an opportunity for companies at all levels of development to get "straight" answers to their Advertising, Marketing and Sales questions, to locate assistance in producing effective Advertising, Marketing and Sales programs, and to bring their programs to the public in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.  

Memorable Marketing that Works

Professional Networking

Geoffrey Drew Marketing, Inc.  provides professionals in the fields of Advertising, Marketing, Sales and Public Relations, and companies that specialize in these areas, with informal and "user-friendly" ways to make their talents and their opportunities known to each other with minimal cost and complete anonymity if desired.   Geoffrey Drew Marketing, Inc. provides basic services to its contracted clients to help in bringing their message and their products to the buying public. 



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