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GRAND Prize in the Fifth Annual Home Safety Award Contest was won by the "Ekconomic" low pressure-cooker-sterilizer. This appliance, cooking at a low pressure of 3% pounds has an interlocking device which prevents the cooker from being
opened until the pressure drops to a half a pound. A sterilizer for preparing formulae for infants is also a feature. Bottles and nipples are sterilized and the mixed formula cooked and sterilized at the same time.

These features of safety guided the panel of judges in their decision. 
Chairman of the panel is Julien Elfenbein Chief Editor of HOUSE FURNISHING REVIEW, The judges' committee consists of Ned H. Dearborn, President of the National Safety Council; Eloise Davison, former Director of the New York Herald-Tribune Institute; Katharine Fisher, Director of Good Housekeeping Institute; Richardson Wright, Editor Emeritus of House &
Garden;Col. John Vassos, Founder and President of the American Designers' Institute.

Richard V. Lewis, president of
Lewis & Conger, New York home furnishing store which sponsors the National Safety Contest, presented the grand prize, a bronze plaque, to Henry Forster, v. p. in charge of production,
Ekco Products Co., Chicago. Mr .

Forster accepted the award on behalf of Arthur Keating, board chairman of Ekco, who was prevented by illness from attending.
Presentation of the awards took place at a dinner in the Waldorf-Astoria on April 24th. The other eight prize-winning manufacturers follow: Proctor Electric Company, Phila- delphia; for their Hi-Lo Ironing Table, which automatically adjusts to nine different heights to permit relaxed sit-down ironing; Allen Industries, Inc., Detroit, for their Rubber-Loc, a rug cushion to prevent skidding on scatter rugs; Rival Manufacturing Company, Kansas City, for two marked improvements in their streamlined Can-O-Mat; Wooster Rubber Company, Wooster, Ohio, for two products, the Safti-Cup Bath Mat and the Tredeasy Floor Mat; Bell Electric Company, Chicago, for their No-Shok Extension Cord Set,
which safeguards children from shock; Gard-Rite, Inc., New York, for their Gard-Rite window guard, which protects children at open windows ; Vincent J. Lawler Comp& NY & Los Angeles, for their Safety Hook for screen doors and windows; and Glencoe Electric Company, New York, for their molded rubber heating pad with its neon-light switch.
Each of these award winners received a bronze medal.
"It is a credit to American ingenuity when people can think of so many "lays to injure themselves," declared
Raymond Loewy, designer 0 the grand prize winner, in an address at the Waldorf dinner. He called upon designers to become national heroes by anticipating all 0 them. He defined design as "the first control over the misuse of all equipment operated by and surrounding individuals."

John Vassos, one of the judges, presented the bronze medals in the absence of Julien Elfenbein, chairman of the judges, who was attending a conference in Ottawa with Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent." 

"The housewife," said Mr, Vassos, under- president of the American Designers Institute, "is entitled to the emotional security which she derives from attractive design and good style. There must be no sacrifice of these qualities in making sure at the same time that the product is also safe."    

Newbold Morris, acting as emcee, introduced Oscar R. Ewing, Federal Security Administrator. Mr. Ewing told his audience that according to statistics, "during the next ten years 3 out of the 400 people in this room will be killed by some kind of accident," Mr. Ewing made a plea for President Truman's national health insurance program.

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