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Say It with Love Songs offers you the time of your life; your musical dreams come true; to say what you secretly say all the time to the love of your life but never get it quite right; except, perhaps, when you are singing alone in the shower. You know you can do it but you never take the time. You always wanted to do it, but thought it was far beyond your reach. You have most of the songs already picked out and they are all just about 90% fully rehearsed. All you need are some musicians and a microphone.

Well here are your musicians and here is your microphone.

Say It with Love Songs can help you realize your musical dreams and express your feelings in exactly the way you have always wanted to; lyrically. We can provide authentic, top-of-the-list, rehearsal and recording studios, musical accompaniment and support from solo piano or guitar to full swing band or orchestra with arrangements, charting and even original music and lyrics by or for your own individual or group performances live in New York City night clubs for audiences of invited guests or the general population, or to be recorded for private publication on CD or Video for your own distribution purposes or for stepping up to the plate in the “swingingest” musical time our country and the world has ever known.

Announcer: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Say it with Love Songs is pleased to present, live from the Rainbow Room, on the 65th Floor, high atop Rockefeller Center, in Downtown New York City, the Capitol of the World, Drew Geoffrey".

(Unrestrained applause as the live audience goes wild).

Call Say it with Love Songs (800)839-2920 or Fax to (888)329-6287 or e-mail so you can take the first step to do what you always wanted to do; to Say it with Love Songs.


Love Songs by Telephone
Solo Recording with Piano Accompaniment
Solo Recording with Small Combo Accompaniment
Solo Recording Full Orchestra Accompaniment
Custom Written Love Songs to Your Specifications
Create Your Own Love Song Album
Custom Lyrics Wrtten for Your Music Composition
Custom Music Composed for Your Lyrics
Love Songs Delivered In Person
Love Song Matching Service
Night Club Performance with Live Musical Accompaniment
Publish Your Own Compact Disc
Publish Your Own Music Video


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