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Personal Letter to from Drew Kopf to President Berman of Yeshiva University

Personal Letter to from Drew Kopf to President Berman of Yeshiva University


September 15, 2017

Dear President Berman,

The Investiture ceremony, and particularly your discourse outlining your plan for the future of Yeshiva University, has left me feeling that you and I are on the same page.

I know my initial submittal presenting the Renaissance Man Resource Center is already in the good hands of your Chief of Staff. But, after listening to your presentation, I felt that the “digital” version was not the “right” way to go. So, for when you eventually get to consider the proposal, I am enclosing the original “hard copy,” which I have been carrying around in my briefcase since I stopped at your office on a Friday and learned that you were not in and was given the contact information of Ms. Linda Dos Santos.

It is not like we are wasting a tree or anything like that. The presentation was already printed and signed and ready to give to you for your review. I just would like to be able to meet with you in person to “frame” the idea in the best possible way.

Even though we have not yet been formally introduced, I feel that we know one another since the moment before you were to start one of the most important “walks” you will probably ever take in your life; when you were standing at the top of the aisle at the back of Lamport Auditorium waiting for your “cue” to approach the front and the lectern and the Investiture assembly and the amazing next chapter in your life would begin, you stopped and acknowledged me after I said in the way of encouragement, “Keep smiling!”

You smiled your wonderful rich and most sincere smile and we shook hands and, then, your walk to formally begin your Presidency began.

I again wish you and all who are dear to you all the best for the approaching High Holy Days.


Drew Kopf



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