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Legendary Personalities gives everyone and every organization a distinctive and definitively unique way to properly and effectively note for all those who care, and for those who come after, and for all time, that certain people have led lives that mattered and have done the deeds that make remembering them an inspiration and learning about them a lesson in greatness.

The traditional ways to express communal appreciation for a "job well done" or for "heroism" or for "leading us to the proverbial promised land" are many: Chevrons on a uniform, a portrait done in oil, a marble bust, a plaque on a wall, a name on a building, a name of a street, a bridge or even of a city, or declaring a certain day a holiday during the year, or a big parade through the Canyon of Heroes.

Each of these, and more like them, have their place. Each in its own way and style represents heartfelt expressions that need acting out to help us salute, thank and praise those who made their lives so special that mere words could not fully capture and convey what our inner being may be screaming inside of us to communicate.

The question is: "How much is enough?"

There are times when even a combination of honors are not enough to express the depth and homage that people want or need to pay to a certain honoree.

Our country has minted untold numbers of pennies and five dollar bills with the likeness of Abraham Lincoln on them. We have built the Lincoln Memorial. Lincoln's figure was sculpted on Mount Rushmore. And, many other things have been done and or named for Abraham Lincoln: the Lincoln automobile, and the Lincoln Home National Historic Site in Springfield, Illinois. In addition, New Salem, Illinois (a reconstruction of Lincoln's early adult hometown), Ford's Theatre, and Petersen House (where he died) are all preserved as museums. The Lincoln Shrine in Redlands, California, is located behind the A.K. Smiley Public Library. The state nickname for Illinois is Land of Lincoln. Counties in 19 US states (Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, West Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming) are named after Lincoln. Countless books have been written about him.

The more we know about Lincoln the more we want to know.

It is this desire to know how men and women of magnanimity did what they did; what makes or made them tick; what kinds of adversities they may have had to overcome; what sacrifices they may have had to make and what lessons can be learned from their lives and how they lived them that Legendary Personalities is focused.

Legendary Personalities is committed to help immortalize persons being honored by making available in an easy and flowing a style the many elements of the lives of those men and women by incorporating pieces of memorabilia, writings, publications and artistic creations, likes and dislikes, the achievements that brought him or her to be known, admired and loved, into sharp focus by weaving together whatever is available in the way of photographs, recordings, speeches, movies and the comments of those who know and or knew the honoree personally.

Legendary Personalities gathers these elements and prepares, as the cornerstone of its archival efforts to honor or memorialize a person, a stand-alone website with the unique and enduring behind-the-scenes structure that guarantees the availability of the contents of the website in the format of the day going forward for 100 years. The designation or domain name of the honoree's web site will be registered in advance for that period and the continual and ongoing maintenance of the site in whatever may become the format of what we currently call the World Wide Web will be continued in a virtually uninterrupted way for the same period of time; 100 years.

We invite you to contact Legendary Personalities to investigate what would be involved in creating such a website for you or your honoree or loved one and how other ways of building on that base can further the success of your good intentions. We look forward to hearing from you.

Call (800)839-2920 or Fax to (888)329-6287 or e-mail LegendaryPersonalities@geoffreydrewmarketing.com and get the ball rolling.


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